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Specialized in Product Development,

Doing what no one have done before.

All the products are developed from a  "Game-Changer" point of view and we strive to achieve a patent for all our designs.
Environmental issues are very important. Trying harder to be the best in insuring a high level of recycling and holistic 100% lifetime cyclus, when choosing materials is the

"Inner DNA"


Not all products are shown here live since the products are not available yet and therefore confidential.

NP Estrup


Long background of developing concepts and products from zero to final ending up in shops.
Environmental issues are No.1 regarding all products.
Smartness and functionality are good friends too. 

Trine Johansen

Product developer

Trine Johansen is the "final cut" in the design- modelling and prototyping process. Trine is the strict eye to get pass before presenting products to the world.

IMG_20220114_114346 (1).jpg

we do



- Tratters Independent Publishing Service Award

- Practical Parenting (UK)

- Babbles Best Baby Shower Gift (UK)

- Australian Design Award Consumer Products (Australia)

- The Best Product (Poland)

- Red Dot Award

- Interzoo Innovation award

- A Design Award
- Attending the "Final" Kind Und Jugend 2019, innovation award.

- Recommended by Childhood Business 2020

- Innovation Award Kind Und Jugend

- Formland Design Award

- KIKIMORA – Design for Family (Poland)

- Parents Choisi – Best children’s product (France)

- Excellence Award – Safety and Design (USA)

- Best product Award 2022 - Germany
- Best Care product 2022 - Holland 
- Best Green Product 2022 - Holland

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